You can’t go home again.


No, you can’t.

But you can go back to your old blog. That’s friggin’ easy.

I came here in the first place because my old blog host was having all sort of technical problems, ones that made blogging very frustrating. Their attitude towards their customer added to the frustration. So I came here.

Here I was greeted with a much easier blog to post on and maintain. The utilities at WordPress are a breeze compared to those at Blogdrive, as the latter isn’t too forgiving of those that don’t learn the sacred code. However, I quickly got frustrated by the lack of control I had over the look of the blog. The pictures I wanted couldn’t be made to fit. While the blogroll was simpler, the rest of the sidebar wasn’t as easy to modify. I couldn’t even change the font and type size, which really started to bug me.

This morning, I started a post with a picture, which I centered. After centering the picture, I could not align the following text to the right. I’d had enough.

So I’m going to give the old site another go.

I think the decor fits me much better there, and I can go back to having polls, so the lurkers can once again participate as well. I may miss some conveniences, but I’ll enjoy having more control over what the whole thing looks like. The blogroll is no longerin alphabetical order, which I’m sure will please O’Tim no end. The order it is in is pretty much just the order in which I met and blogrolled you, so if you moved down, it’s nothing personal. No one was intentionally omitted (that wasn’t already omitted a week ago) except those no longer blogging, so if I missed you, send me a note.

I already have a new post there to greet you, and a new poll on the sidebar to the right. Hey, I’ve been busy.

Come join me here.



  1. Coolio! I love the look of that old blog. It just screams you. 😉

  2. Oh yeah.

  3. I like the old blog. I can actually read it without my glasses.:)

  4. Cool!

  5. So far haven’t had too many problems with blogspot, but I have noticed wordpress and blogspot are the two big ones.

  6. ” The blogroll is no longerin alphabetical order”

    That’s crap.

  7. Ya know what. When you moved I was sad to see your underthebridge banner go. Good to ‘ave ya back ;o)

  8. LMAO, I can’t get there. The link won’t work. Ironic?

  9. Go fuck your mother up the arse.

  10. I fucked your mother up the arse last night, you pathetic sub-human piece of pigshit.

    joe the troll will suffer a fatal ‘accident’ within the next 48 hours

  11. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Forge

  12. thanks for the visit 🙂

  13. the guy ,he also like reading national geographic.its a great surprising to me . Click

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