It’s all about the Troll

Here’s 13 of my best posts, by my reckoning. I was a little chagrined to note that all of them save one are older. I guess not having a computer at home has cramped my style a bit. When you have to do all your blogging at work, you either keep it short or do it piecemeal. Well, thanks to the RonTron 460, those days are over. Expect incredible brilliance in very short bursts from here on.

1 – In Memory

2- Ebony and Ivory

3 – Lies and the Lying Parents that Tell Them. 

4- Swallow Your Pride

5- Never the Twain Shall Meet

6- Googletrolling

7- Zen Blogging (recently made appropriate once again, especially the comments about not messing with comments)

8- Are You Ready?

9- 13 of the Stupidest Things Politicians Have Ever Said

10- Crime in the City

11- Diamond Dust

12- Rope

13- Mom

Who says Thursday Thirteens have to be work????


Thirteen things I remember from long ago for no particular reason.

 Well, The “Kerfuffle That Never Was” has played itself out…. back to regular blogging!

1. Avagadro’s number = 6.02 x 10 e23

2. Donde esta el cuarto de bano? (sorry, this blog doesn’t have the special characters.)

3. Thomas Jefferson invented the swivel chair.

4. The ORIGINAL Green Lantern had no power over wood.

5. Pythagoras’ mother was named Pythia.

6. “Pink Lady and Jeff” was the worst TV show ever.

7. You can’t wash a whole potato chip down with milk.

8. My mom could out-stare an owl.

9. I Dream of Jeannie, The Brady Bunch, Gilligan’s Island, and Star Trek were all turned into Saturday Morning cartoons.

10. The Hardy Boys hung out with Chet and Biff. (Were there really people named “Biff”?)

11. The Star-belly Sneeches had bellies with stars. The Plain-belly Sneeches had none upon thars.

12. Shelly Long was the “John M. Smythe” girl in Chicago.

13. Necco wafers could be used as quarters in the automatic tollbooths.

Thursday Thirteen movie quiz.

Several months ago, O’Tim had a movie quiz that made me look just pathetic. Being a good American, I didn’t take revenge on him. I took revenge on everybody. Hey, it’s our way.

Well, it’s happened again, not just once but three times. This time, Phoenix is the culprit. She’s had some pretty darn tough quizzes lately, and to add to my frustration I was too late to answer the ones I DID know.

Now I have to get you all.

These are things I knew off the top of my head, without Googling or watching the films. Good luck! You’ll need it…BWAH HA HA HA HA!

1. What was Norman Bates’ hobby? (Taxidermy – Eden)

2. What was Rooster Cogburn’s travelin’ food? (Corn dodgers – Jenna)

3. In what city was HAL activated? (Urbana, Il. – Looney)

4. What was Captain Blood’s former profession?

5. What branch of the military did Mr. Limpet help? (The Navy – Jenna)

6. What song did Josey Wales ask his friends to play?

7. What was Oscar Madison’s profession? (Sports writer – Eden)

8. Who sent a message to Gort? (Klaatu – Looney)

9. Who’s arrival was Will Kane preparing for?

10. What happened to Jacque Clouseau’s wife?

11. What did Elwood Dowd offer to everyone he met? (His card – ravaj)

12. What did Irma LaDouce do for a living? (Prostitute – ravaj)

13. Why did Chili Palmer slug Ray Barbone? (Ray took his coat – Fez Monkey)

Bonus question: Do you think there is something funny about the name “Biggus Dickus?”

13 things I wondered about as a very small child.

1 ) Just how long is a “live-long day”?

2 ) If reindeer have hooves, why does the song go “Up on the housetop, the reindeer paws“?

3 ) Why would you want the baker man to mark your cake with pee? Ick.

4 ) Are horses usually good at putting eggs back together?

5 ) Why would my babysitter want to give me a “licking”? Ick again.

6 ) When Nick and Holly had puppies, where did they get them?

7 ) What do the little people in the TV do when we’re not watching?

8 ) What is that big scary machine that Dad keeps in the den?

9 ) How and why would ONE woman ride SIX white horses?

10 ) What is up with Clutch Cargo’s mouth?

11 ) Why shouldn’t someone be in the kitchen with Dinah?

12 ) If the music died, what am I listening to?

13 ) Why can’t we just have candy for dinner?

Thirteen Onomatopoeias (Click ’em all!!)

  1. Bam!
  2. Pow!
  3. Wham!
  4. Boom!
  5. Zap!
  6. Whoosh!
  7. Ping!
  8. Crack!
  9. Zoom!
  10. Splat!
  11. Bang!
  12. Pop!
  13. Vroooooooooooooooom!